Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Water Damage from floods South Florida.

Floods are Common for Florida Residents

Floods are the most common and widespread of all natural disasters outside of fire. According to the Palm Beach County flood facts, Florida residents and businesses hold more than 40% of all flood insurance policies in the nation. Any flood, big or small, needs to be taken care of immediately because destructive water damage travels fast.

If flooding occurs:

1. Move Furniture: Remove everything you can from a wet carpet (dyes and stains on wood furniture may bleed onto the carpet); if you can't move a piece of furniture, put aluminum foil or a plastic bag under the legs.

2. Lift draperies: Leave draperies in place but get them up off the floor by putting them on clothes hangers and hooking the hanger onto the drapery rod.

3. If water reaches a wall, pay attention: If you can spot water in the carpet or it reaches a wall juncture, treat the problem seriously. It may have traveled unseen four or five feet along the floor, through the carpet pad, possibly reaching cabinets, walls, insulation, other rooms and the subfloor, elevating the risk of mold.

4. Get help right away: A professional water restoration company that pays attention to detail, should be contacted without hesitation.Water Damage is a serious issue that can lead into mold growth, which is a health hazard. 

Here is a video to help prevent and find signs of a water leak in your home. http://youtu.be/0gvpblnT1ZQ

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